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One Team, One Mission

Stillwater Hospice’s high-quality care is provided by our interdisciplinary team of professionals, working in unison. This includes the hospice physicians, the patient’s physician, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, spiritual care counselors, home health aides, therapists and volunteers.

Hospice Physicians

Work with the patient’s physician(s) to oversee plan of care

Nurse Practitioners

Licensed clinicians who work with hospice physicians to manage patient’s care

Trained Hospice Nurses

Nurses (RN & LPN) provide symptom management and teach the family skills to help make the patient more comfortable.

Certified Nursing Assistants/Home Health Aides

Assist with activities of daily living, including personal care such as bathing and dressing


Provide companionship for the patient and offer restful intervals for caregivers

Social Workers

Assist in meeting patient and family needs, including providing emotional support, making referrals to community resources and assisting with legal paperwork

Spiritual Care Counselors

Provide nondenominational spiritual counsel and support to patients and their families, as desired

Grief Counselors

Provide no-cost grief and loss education programs to any adult who has suffered the loss of a loved one.