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Compassionate Care for the Whole Person

At Stillwater Hospice, we care for the entire person – mind, body and spirit. We integrate special therapies and programs to address each patient’s unique needs. Our skilled therapists and volunteers use music, massage, therapy animals, and their own compassion to provide the best, most personalized care for our patients and their families.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is used in conjunction with many of Stillwater Hospice’s programs, from patients in hospice care to those family members taking advantage of the bereavement programs at The Peggy F. Murphy Community Grief Center.

Our music therapist is part of our unified care team, working alongside nurses, home health aides and spiritual care counselors. The universal language of music can bring peace, decrease pain and stress, and help patients remember special times.

Threshold Choir

Do you, a friend, or family member love to sing? Are you interested in serving those in hospice care? Threshold Choir is a national organization with a chapter right here at Stillwater Hospice. We are looking for new members and a leader. Please call Stillwater Hospice and ask for the Music Therapy department for more information: (800) 288-4111 or (260) 435-3222.

Massage Therapy

Stillwater Hospice’s massage therapists work with patients to relieve pain and discomfort associated with serious illnesses.

Through personalized sessions, the massage therapist can reduce swelling, relieve tight muscles and provide a calming presence to ease stress.

Therapy Animals

The benefits that pets can provide are well established. Their calming presence brings us joy and comfort, and improves our physical and emotional lives. We all benefit from time spent with animals.

At Stillwater Hospice, specially trained volunteers bring therapy dogs to visit patients and their family members in Hospice Home each week. The bonds between humans and animals result in very powerful effects, including reduced stress and anxiety, increased feelings of relaxation and an improved outlook on life. In the hospice setting, pet therapy, also known as animal-assisted therapy, uses that natural bond to provide comfort, peace and soothing companionship to terminally ill patients.

We Honor Veterans

Stillwater Hospice is proud to be a Level Three participant in the national We Honor Veterans program.

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization,
in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs, created We Honor Veterans to empower hospice and other non-hospice community partners across America to meet the unique needs of seriously ill veterans and their families.

We Honor Veterans partners like Stillwater Hospice address both physical and emotional needs, including the psychological toll of war and how it impacts the end-of-life journey.

We engage in activities including using a military history checklist at admission, and certificate presentations, as well as outreach to other community organizations. In many cases, veteran patients are paired with volunteers who have also served their country and share a unique and honorable bond.