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First of all, THANK YOU for all the support that you have so generously given Stillwater Hospice in the past. Your contributions have made it possible for us to serve thousands of patients, families and individuals seeking grief services. Thank you.

As you may know, we are in the final months of our Hospice Home renovations. We are looking forward to construction completing in August of this year and for our next phase to include a revamp of our landscaping and gardens. As you might recall, surrounding Hospice Home we have several garden beds that our patients and families can view while they are on our campus. The gardens provide a serene and peaceful environment for our families to walk or sit for quiet reflection.

As we’ve moved forward with our renovation project, we have adjusted how our gardens and seating areas will be designed. You may remember that a key part of our Hospice Home renovation has been to take the windows in each patient room and turn them into doors so that patients and families can better access our eight-acre campus. As we began conversations with landscape designers, it became evident that we had some opportunities not just with what would be planted around Hospice Home, but with the rest of our campus as well, including our prairie. We learned that we could beautify our grounds, save resources and be more environmentally friendly.

We want to continue restoring our prairie and
revise our approach to landscaping by transitioning our plant selections to include native species that are easier to care for and maintain. These plants are more environmentally friendly because they require less watering and benefit wildlife in our area. We also need to plant native trees and shrubs to help control erosion and keep out invasive species. The prairie, so loved as a place of peace and solace to families, will need a prescribed burn to ensure its health. With your generous support, we hope to raise $75,000 to update our garden beds and plan for the future of
our campus.

Your gift will ensure that we can maintain our grounds economically so that we can use more funds for our patients. Your generosity will allow family members and patients to find solace in our serene campus as they face difficult days. You can help make sure that even Stillwater Hospice’s campus provides comfort though life’s journey.

Would you please consider making a gift that will help provide patients and their families comfort at a time when they need it most? Together, we can grow a garden of peace and solace.

  • $32 helps to plant a Native Sumac Shrub
  • $50 assists with purchasing colorful annuals
  • $100 assists with planting new Black Hills Conifers and a Maple Tree
  • $200 helps to purchase 16 Viburnums
  • $1,000 supports the purchase of 78 pots of Walker’s Low Catmint Plants